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Januari 2022 | Amersfoort of Online

We train professionals always based on state-of-the-art scientific insights.

The Human Safety Academy offers training on human safety and responsibility in safety-critical working environments. Our extensive international network of trainers and specialists provide professionals with instruction on a range of safety-related topics. We have developed modules for innovative processes, complex (safety) issues and specific challenges that require a structured and process-oriented approach.

Our training modules for incident investigation, risk analysis and more

We train professionals in incident investigation and, for example, risk analysis, always based on state-of-the-art scientific insights. Our programme therefore includes training for TriPod Beta, BFA, BowTie and, not to be overlooked, STAMP. We also provide training in safety leadership and awareness, as well as specific training to help operators optimise their workplace performance, to name just a few of our services.

Our training is based on widely documented insights, years of in-house expertise and specific practical experience in safety-critical working environments. We recognise the expertise of participating professionals and focus on the human touch in order to make our training sessions as effective as possible. Clear communication, an ideal learning environment and our peer-reviewed training courses have laid the foundation for the consistently high Net Promoter Score (NPS) awarded to all our training modules.

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Human Safety Academy, Intergo and LFI24 are part of the Human Safety Alliance. Together, we improve safety, user-friendliness and sustainable productivity in the working environment. We develop customised training sessions for organisations in public transport, road transport, industry, healthcare, infrastructure and, and also the maritime and nautical sectors.