Incident investigation

TriPod Beta

What are the possible explanations of how human actions contributed to an incident? And how can such processes be properly managed in the future? The TriPod Beta model distinguishes the event, the direct causes attributable to human and technical errors, the context that increased the risk and basic hidden organisational deficiencies that led to the situation. During TriPod Beta training, we teach participants to better assess the environment in which people and machines are working in order to identify features that contribute to the risk of failure.


Barrier Failure Analyse (BFA)

Based on an analytical method similar to TriPod Beta, BFA is better suited to analysing more frequent and less serious incidents in a relatively short period of time. The analysis provides a graphic display of the sequence of undesirable events leading up to an incident. During Barrier Failure Analysis (BFA) training, we show participants how to analyse barriers at three levels, ranging from direct and operational to structural and organisational.


HFACS (Human Factors Analysis and Classification System)

Human error is often not an isolated event. HFACTS helps to investigate the underlying human factors based on unsafe acts, preconditions for unsafe acts, unsafe supervision and organisational influences. During Human-Factor Analysis and Classification System training, we will teach you how to identify the human factors involved in incidents.

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