Risk analyses


What are possible incident scenarios and relevant management and protection measures? BowTie quickly and comprehensively identifies barriers. The clear visualisation that it produces clarifies any weaknesses in operational processes. The analysis also reveals the measures that offer the greatest added value, facilitating more efficient use of financial resources and equipment. During BowTie training, we provide instruction on this type of risk analysis, as well as the ways in which BowTieXP software enables the analyses to be linked to tasks, authorisations, responsibilities, and activities in the safety management system.



This method is based on systems theory and treats safety as a control problem. Safe behaviour can be ensured by implementing proper system constraints. Based on restrictions, obligations, requirements, policies and advice risks are prevented from occurring. STAMP training includes instruction on the method and implementation of the control structure in the system.


Human-factor testing methodology for vehicles and moveable structures

Bridges and locks are intersections between road and waterway traffic where the operator regulates traffic flows. The operator, road and waterway traffic are the facility's users. At the same time, they involve human beings, who can make mistakes that give rise to dangerous situations. However, it is often external factors that cause people to consciously or unconsciously exhibit undesirable behaviour.
We have developed a methodology to identify these factors. Their detection leads to the implementation of measures in the road, waterway and operating environment to reduce the likelihood of human error.
During this course, we teach participants how to apply the methodology and make the (operating) environment safer.

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