Safety Awareness

Leadership: Active Manager in Safety Programme

Many organisations treat safety and optimal operational performance as opposing objectives that can negatively impact each other. New understanding suggests that better management of safety risks can actually improve productivity. Safety and operational performance can in fact positively reinforce each other. During Leadership training: Active Manager in Safety Training Programme, we instruct participants on ways to combine safety and operational performance when formulating important organisational objectives.


Safety Awareness

Safety awareness training focusses on facilitating a change in mentality and behaviour of employees. After completing this safety awareness course, employees will be able to recognise, acknowledge, and solve and report risks more quickly. In addition, safety awareness promotes safe behaviour which is the ultimately goal.


Safety coaches

Safety coaches can be deployed to define and implement safety policy at an operational level. They will be able to coach their co-workers on safety issues in daily operations.


Human-factor testing methodology for vehicles and moveable structures

Bridges and locks are intersections between road and waterway traffic where the operator regulates traffic flows. The operator, road and waterway traffic are the facility's users. At the same time, they involve human beings, who can make mistakes that give rise to dangerous situations. However, it is often external factors that cause people to consciously or unconsciously exhibit undesirable behaviour.
We have developed a methodology to identify these factors. Their detection leads to the implementation of measures in the road, waterway and operating environment to reduce the likelihood of human error.
During this course, we teach participants how to apply the methodology and make the (operating) environment safer.


Developing a training plan for the specific operating environment

The Nautical Learning Guidelines provide national education modules for bridge and lock operation. They constitute the prerequisites for safe operation. However, preparatory training cannot take specific local situations into account. Bridges and locks each have their own points of attention, working methods differ per location, and they tend to have their own methods of dealing with incidents and emergencies.
We design training modules for the specific, local situations. They might, for example, include object-specific educational material, instructions for special operations and corresponding assignments. We also provide assessment and testing materials. Additionally, we provide a 'train-the-trainer' programme to help mentors when supervising and assessing new employees.

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